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Snowflake Place for Children and Youth is a child advocacy centre which focuses on the needs of children and youth who have experienced abuse. The centre is designed to facilitate multi-system collaboration and foster best practices in child abuse investigations, to ensure that child victims receive sensitive and immediate support in a child friendly setting that puts their needs first. The multi-disciplinary team is able to engage with the child victim and their non-offending caregivers at Snowflake Place where interviews are conducted, case planning meetings occur, and supportive services are provided.

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Snowflake Place Staff

When Emma first came through our doors, I could tell she was scared. What child wouldn’t be? She was only nine years old, and only two weeks ago she told her mom that a close family member had been abusing her for over a year. Her mother reported the abuse to child and family services, and now they were here at Snowflake Place for the first time. I introduced myself, and told Emma she was in a safe place. I walked Emma and her mom to the Family Room, I told Emma she had nothing to worry about and we were all there for her.

Police Officer

The children I meet at Snowflake Place are usually surprised that I’m not wearing a police uniform. Being in plain clothes helps put the child in a more relaxed state and minimizes stress. A case like Emma’s, unfortunately, is quite common where it is a family member that’s being accused of abuse. It’s extremely difficult for the child, and the entire family, to relive what’s happened through an interview. At Snowflake Place, the interviews take place in soft interview room. It’s comfortable and quiet. Video and audio recording capture the entire interview for future court proceedings. It’s my job, and the job of the Forensic Interviewer, to obtain a statement from the child in an un-biased and fact-finding manner. At Snowflake Place, we have a neutral, family-friendly space all focused on the child. It really does make a huge difference.

Child and Family Services

As a worker with Child and Family Services, my job is focused on the safety and protection of the child. While Emma is being interviewed, I’m watching it from a video feed. This way there is no need to ask the child to do another interview unnecessarily. In the past, the child would be interviewed by child and family services and by police usually at different locations and on different days. The model here at snowflake place has changed all that. In Emma’s case, once her interview was complete, I met with her and her mother in the Family Room and I talked to them about safety planning and resources available.

Victim Services

Victim Services role is to reduce trauma. I’m there to offer information and support regarding the court process and let the family know about resources available to them. Being there while the interview is taking place is not only easier for Emma, it allows all of us – the police, the Forensic Interviewer, Child and Family Services, and Victim Services – to collaborate and share information. I will be there for Emma and her mother after the interview, and be their main contact going forward, wherever the journey takes them.

Snowflake Place Staff

Snowflake Place is a unique and special place. Our staff, this incredible multidisciplinary team, all under one roof, it lets children know that they are safe, that they have support, and that they’re special and unique too. Emma told her story. She came forward; she told the truth. What she did took a lot of courage and it wasn’t easy. To see a smile on her face as she left and just be a kid again…That’s why I’m passionate about this place. That’s why we’re all here. That’s what Snowflake Place is all about.

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Making a Difference

By supporting Snowflake Place, you are making an impact on the lives of children and youth who are affected by physical and sexual abuse. Together with Snowflake Place, you can help child victims and their families to begin the healing process.


of alleged perpetrators are known to their child victims


of sexual abuse cases involved girls and 31% involved boys


of physical abuse cases involved boys and 40% involved girls


of physical abuse cases resulted from inappropriate discipline

'Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect', the first nation-wide study to examine the incidence of reported child abuse in Canada.

Meet Milan

Milan is a black Labrador retriever with an inherently calm disposition, trained as a Canine Assisted Intervention dog by the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society.  Her role with Manitoba Justice Victim Services is to be a calming influence to anxious and fearful victims who may be participating in the criminal justice system.  She provides a soothing and friendly presence to children and families attending Snowflake Place at times when they may be experiencing high anxiety and stress.

 as an adult  as an child

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