About Snowflake Place

Who We Are

Snowflake Place for Children and Youth is a unique and special place. We are Manitoba’s only Children’s Advocacy Centre. We are a charitable non-profit organization that offers a central service model for victims of child abuse. We are designed to facilitate multi-system collaboration and foster best practices in child abuse investigations to ensure that victims receive sensitive and immediate support in a setting that puts their needs first.

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What We Do

We provide a safe, child-friendly and supportive environment where young victims are interviewed as part of a formal investigation into allegations of child abuse. Police, Child and Family Services, and Victim Services come together at Snowflake Place to share information and coordinate roles and responsibilities. The healing process for young victims and their care-givers begins at Snowflake Place where they meet with a team of professionals in one child-friendly location. Snowflake Place is focused on minimizing stress for children, youth, and families impacted by abuse. Our environment provides a private and comfortable family room and soft interview room where interviews with victims and witnesses of child abuse are conducted.


High quality and best practice forensic interviewing is a core service of Snowflake Place and critical component in the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases. Snowflake Place has two dedicated forensic interviewer positions that specialize in child forensic interviewing. These positions complement the investigative process through provision of neutral, unbiased and high quality forensic interviewing that support the criminal and child protection proceedings for child abuse cases and avoid multiple interviews. The forensic interviewers work collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team to ensure that young victims are interviewed in a timely manner and receive support and information to help them move forward.

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H. Jackson Brown, Jr.