Our Program

We care about kids and their families

Child and youth-friendly environment

Snowflake Place is a child-focused and child-friendly facility for young victims and their caregivers. Our facility is designed to create a sense of safety and security. We aim to help victims and families feel comfortable and supported when they enter our doors.

Multidisciplinary response to child abuse investigations

Snowflake Place operates and is designed on the premise that child abuse is a multifaceted community problem and no single agency, individual, or discipline has the necessary knowledge, skills or resources to effectively respond to the needs of victims and their families. In common with other children’s advocacy centres, Snowflake Place shares the belief that the combined wisdom of professional knowledge and disciplines will result in more complete understanding of the case and the most effective child and family-focused system response. Snowflake Place is a child focused model where police, child and family services, and victim services workers come together in one child-friendly location to share information, conduct interviews, make team decisions about the investigation, and assist victims and caregivers in accessing community resources and services. Our goals are to minimize trauma, promote healing and ensure child safety.

Best practice forensic interviewing

The forensic interview is the cornerstone of investigations into child abuse and the beginning of the path to healing for victims and their families. High quality and best practice child forensic interviewing is a core service of Snowflake Place and critical component to successful prosecution of child abuse cases. Snowflake Place has two dedicated child forensic interviewers who conduct victim interviews.  They complement the investigation process through provision of neutral, unbiased, consistent and high quality child forensic interviewing. A forensic interview is scheduled as soon as possible following a disclosure abuse.

There is no better gift a society can give children than the opportunity to grow up safe and free—the chance to pursue whatever dreams they may have.

John Roberts