Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Snowflake Place for Children and Youth provides multi-system collaboration in child abuse investigations ensuring children, youth and their families receive support and services in a safe, neutral, family-friendly setting

Our Vision

That all Manitoba children and youth who may have been physically or sexually abused or exploited have access to child focused, culturally competent services in which service providers work together to meet their needs in a caring, holistically supportive manner to promote strength and healing.

What We Value

Children, Youth and their Caregivers

  • Services that meet the physical, emotional and psychological needs of children and youth
  • Diversity and cultural sensitivity
  • Respectful and supportive practices that recognize caregiver strengths and reduce family stress

High-Quality Services

  • Best practices in child abuse investigation, assessment, support and treatment
  • Leadership in public education and training with respect to child abuse
  • Efficient and effective financial management


  • Coordinated, interdisciplinary, multisystem services and shared resources and assets
  • Community capacity building to care for children and families affected by abuse
  • Openness, respect, trust and information sharing among partners

Safe Healthy Environments

  • Family-friendly assessment environments that are safe for children and youth
  • Highly skilled, committed and dedicated staff
  • Collaboration with communities to enhance the safety of children

Five Year Objectives

Service Delivery

To promote the well-being of children and families through a coordinated, child/youth friendly response to child maltreatment.

Organizational Development

To promote ongoing organizational capacity building and development of Snowflake Place.


To ensure the long-term sustainability and continued growth of Snowflake Place.

Service Integration

To work with inter-sectoral partners to further the development of an accessible and integrated service delivery system for children, youth and their families who require our services.

"It is our responsibility as a community to ensure that every child that experiences abuse is supported and provided every opportunity to recover and thrive. Investing in children and their families today will lead to a healthy community tomorrow."

Christy Dzikowicz, Executive Director