Frequently Asked Questions


What is Snowflake Place?

Snowflake Place is a Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) in Winnipeg that offers a multi-disciplinary response for child victims of abuse and their families. It is the first CAC in Manitoba.

What is a CAC and why do we need one?

A child advocacy centre provides a seamless, coordinated and collaborative approach to addressing the needs of child victims of abuse or children who have witnessed crime. Child advocacy centres seek to minimize system-induced trauma by providing a child-friendly setting for child victims or witnesses and their families.” (Source: Department of Justice, Government of Canada)

Who do we serve?

Snowflake Place serves children and youth who are victims of sexual or physical abuse. Snowflake Place coordinates the services of police, child and family services and victim services in one central child-friendly location.

What do we do?

Snowflake Place aims to foster best practices in child abuse investigations and minimize stress and trauma faced by children who are victims of abuse. We provide a safe and soft environment for young victims to share their story of abuse and receive support.

How do I receive an appointment at Snowflake Place?

Appointments are scheduled through a coordinated process with police, child and family services and victim services.

Can adults access the services of Snowflake Place?

Snowflake Place provides services to young victims of abuse and their non-offending care-givers.

Are you associated with Winnipeg Police?

Winnipeg Police Service Child Abuse Unit is a partner agency in the multidisciplinary team approach to child abuse investigations at Snowflake Place. Police are present for all child victim interviews at Snowflake Place.


What is the process like?

The service model at Snowflake Place provides a child-focused and collaborative response to child abuse investigations. To learn more about the process at Snowflake Place, please view our video here.

Who will my child see at Snowflake Place?

While at Snowflake Place, your child will be greeted by Snowflake Place administrative staff.   A team of professionals that include police, child forensic interviewer specialists, child and family services worker(s) and victim services will be at Snowflake Place to conduct interviews, provide information and offer support.


Who are your funders?

Snowflake Place receives annual Grant funding from the Province of Manitoba, Department of Family Services.

Snowflake Place also receives funding from Victims Fund, a grants and contributions program administered by Department of Justice Canada for programs and services that give victims of crime a more effective voice in the criminal justice system.

As a non-profit organization, Snowflake Place depends on corporate and individual donations to enhance our services.